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If you have experience in off-shoring production, you would be familiar with how difficult it is to get the products to comply exactly with your requirements and specifications. One way or another, your supplier is likely to introduce some sort of issues into the production process that makes your job as an importer a whole lot more complex than just receiving finished products.

In order to make sure that the products are of adequate quality, you should be conducting thorough and frequent product inspections using the services of a 3rd party quality inspection company. This would not only ensure the quality of the products is adequate but also that the production is on schedule and there are no expected delays.

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Effective Quality solutions

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Pre-Production Inspection

Pre Production inspection takes place before bulk production starts.

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During Production inspection takes place when the order is 40-60% complete.

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Pre-Shipment Inspection

Pre Shipment Inspection or Final Random Inspection takes place when the order is 100% complete

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Factory Audit

Takes place before an order is placed. To verify factory’s capabilities

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Social Audit

Takes place before an order is placed. To verify social compliance against global standards

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Container Loading Supervision

Takes place when goods are approved and 100% Packed

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